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April 27, 2017 - Brainstorm & Revival Meeting Minutes

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for coming to the last Community Council of the Arts meeting. It was really great to get to talk with everyone and get their ideas and feedback. I am including the minutes of the meeting that should have everything we talked about. If we missed adding something, please feel free to respond.

Our next meeting is this Thursday May 10th at 6pm at Strayhouse.

We will be taking nominations and suggestions for officers for the executive board and working on getting together an action plan of where to start. If there is anything else anyone would like to discuss or throw out, please feel free!

These are the people that have expressed interest or at least tentative interest in leadership positions:


  • Matthew Blakeburn
  • Kristin Blakeburn
  • Donelle Ratheal Wollmann
  • Traci Heerwald
  • Kelly Cornell


  • Zachary Perry
  • Caden McManaman
  • Deborah  Avery
  • Canda Dupree
  • Julie Covey
  • Talitha Adler
  • Annie Park
  • Joyce Schimmel
  • Debra Nicholson
  • Kay Brown
  • Geoff Park
  • Kimberlee Brandly
  • Sally Simon - Last treasurer of the Council, willing to be co-treasurer or advise

If anyone else is interested in a leadership position, we would love to have you! Just let me know.

For the Executive Board, we will need between 7 and 11 members, including a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and other such officers/positions that we deem necessary.

Community Council of the Arts

Brainstorming Meeting

April 27, 2017



Matthew Blakeburn welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending. He talked about the long history of the Community Council of the Arts in Clinton and shared with those in attendance some of his vision for revitalizing the Arts Council. It is hoped that we will have consistent, ongoing arts events in Clinton and this group will be a collaborative effort amongst all types of art including visual arts, musical arts, theatre arts, food arts, and many more. We have a perfect opportunity to capitalize on our International travelers and the Rt. 66 Museum. Let’s make Clinton a destination rather than a stop on the interstate.

Current projects already in the works include:

  1. Movie Night at McLain Rogers Park in the Summer in Conjunction with the Western Plains Library System

  2. OKC Philharmonic Concert – school concert and an evening public performance (tentative date for Spring 2018)

  3. Sending out an Arts and Cultural Assets Survey

The Community Council of the Arts still holds a current 501c3 status and is active with the State of Oklahoma. There are possibly some taxes that need to be filed with the IRS. This is being researched. The organization had slightly over $5000.00 in the bank.

We had a time of introduction and told who we were and are interest and/or involvement with the Council of the Arts.

The following are points that were discussed during the Brainstorming Session of the meeting.  The points are random and are in no particular order of importance.  

  • The Art Show recently had good artist, but lacked good attendance

  • We used to have the biggest Arts Council in Western Oklahoma

  • Purchase Awards have worked well at the Art Show

  • The Art Show has normally been held the 1st weekend in May

  • What about having the Art Show the weekend before the OKC Art Show? Clinton could be a stop off point for artists traveling to OKC

  • Bands will stop for a place to stay and a pay check. They travel from Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa to Tucson. Clinton could be their stop off point.

  • Children’s art is very strong at the Art Show and in town

  • Art begins officially in 5th grade in the Clinton Public Schools

  • WOCS has art beginning in Kindergarten

  • Donell Wohlman has the Buffalo Grass Arts Institute which is also a 501c3 organization that hosts ArtSpace and is also developing a Children’s Choir.  The choir concert will be help on Saturday, September 9, 2017. She has done lots of research on grants and grants for children. She is hoping the two organizations can collaborate.

  • It was suggested that we have a Fine Art Show and a Fine Craft Show as two events and not combine them.

  • The Oklahoma City Symphony last performed in Clinton 10 or 15 years ago

  • Grants will need to be written to bring the OKC Philharmonic to Clinton in the Spring

  • It was suggested that we do a performance in the Park amphitheatre like we did with Oklahoma and The Music Man

  • There will be an Art Show at the Pepsi Art Center on the Rt 66 Weekend

  • The idea was suggested for Photo Op Art and Interactive Art. Have places where people can take photos to post to social media accounts around town.

  • The Rt. 66 Museum website ( is the #1 Rt.66 website for Europe

  • The museum will give out cards to local stores and business and events

  • The possibility of a Meowwolf Concept was discussed for a vacant building in Clinton.  Meowwolf ( is an art space/event venue/interactive museum space in Santa Fe.

  • We discussed having a First Friday Art Walk where Bars and Restaurants stay open late and there are galleries and art studios open for art events.

  • Edmond has a Summer Music series of different musical events in the summer

  • It is important to have consistent dates for events (every Friday or once a month on the first Friday as an example) so that people can plan ahead

  • It is important to have a Master Calendar with all of the Citywide events listed. This includes school events, sporting events, and art events.

  • It was suggested to utilize The Hub City of Western Oklahoma Facebook page that is managed by David Berrong.

  • The Clinton Chamber of Commerce has 8 – 12 billboards across the state that could be utilized for advertising purposes

  • It would be good to be a part of the Hotel Motel Resort Associations listings

  • We would also like to be listed on

  • Someone suggested creating murals on the sides of buildings downtown. It was noted that some of the current murals are fading.

  • Darrel Jones was mentioned as a possible graphic artist

  • It was also suggested as an art project for the High School and mentioned Joy Badillo as a contact person.

  • Graffiti Art was discussed. In Montreal, there is a graffiti tour with a map on Google maps you can take to view the art. Each year they hold a Festival and competition. This is also a Facebook page and you can also see art on the website and Facebook page These would be some cool ways to decorate our buildings as well as create an interactive photo op type of art exhibit.

  • Someone suggested live poetry typers

  • We really need to utilize our European travelers

  • Custer County Fair Board is encouraging people to enter art to show in the fair. They are also trying to bring in music to the fair.

  • Bringing in food trucks to festivals or events was discussed. For food trucks to be successful you need approximately 200 unique people/food truck

  • Donell talked about celebrating the Day of the Child on the First Week of x month. Cook the food of the child. Have mimes, poets, face painting. There is a Week of the Young Child. We could not remember when this was celebrated.

  • Christmas Lights – This was a discussion about creating lighting on downtown buildings like the buildings in OKC in Automobile Alley. This year the event in OKC also included a festival and an outdoor movie and carriage rides and other events. We discussed coordinating this with lights at McLain Rogers Park. It would be something that could be built upon from year to year. Windows could possibly be decorated and we could coordinate with the parade and downtown events happening too. The name A 66 Christmas was mentioned.

  • It was mentioned we could do something to encourage fostering of dogs in town.

  • Debra Avery with the Clinton Daily News volunteered to help coordinate the Master Calendar

  • Donell knew a graphic design person

  • Jason Smith was mentioned as a graphic designer

  • The Rt. 66 Museum gets traffic from China, Spain, Germany, and many other places. How do we utilize this? How do we utilize tour companies from all of the tour groups traversing Rt. 66?

  • Can we get movie companies to film in Clinton?

  • Can we provide a historical place for travelers to stay in Clinton?

  • Can any of the old hotels (like the Glancy) be renovated to be a cool, hip, place to stay?

  • May 9, 2017 Vote Yes, Yes for Clinton

  • Have free or low cost events for children

  • Have multicultural events

  • Have an exhibit of the photography and art of Rt. 66

  • People want Clinton to be cleaned up. 10th Street is an area of concern with cars in yards and messy yards.

  • City Beautification is important

  • Could we put up a decorative wall to block the unsightly areas of Gary Blvd between 15th Street and Modelle?

  • The entrances to town need to be beautiful and welcoming. Signage needs to be improved.


The next meeting will be Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 6:00pm.

Clinton Arts Council