Clinton Arts Council

General Membership Meeting Minutes

2nd Brainstorming Meeting - 05.11.2017

Community Council of the Arts

Brainstorming Meeting

May 11, 2017



Matthew Blakeburn welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

Those attending included:


Kristin Blakeburn

Matthew Blakeburn

Kimberlee Brandly

Moriah Butterfield

Ashley Underwood

Debra Nicholson

Deborah Avery

Joe Hatcher

Amy Fiegener

Annie Park

Geoff Park

Talitha Adler



Joe Hatcher moved and Talitha Adler seconded to approve the minutes.  They were approved.


The Yes. Yes. Vote passed. The City of Clinton has verbally agreed to begin a $50,000.00 starting fund for grants to bring new businesses to town. The process would be to apply to the Chamber of Commerce Board and then the City would approve. The grants would be for the benefit to the community. The City and the Chamber Board are recommending a 90-day approval process. The question was asked about what happens to the money that is already in the fund. We do not know the answer. This fund and grant process would possibly be something we could apply to for funding projects that we want to benefit our community.


Movie night has no update. The Library Director has been out of town. Matthew may know something by next week. Decisions we made about the project include:

a.    Show movies every other week on Tuesday night at the McLean Roger Amphitheatre

b.    Show a mix of classics, kid’s movies, newer films, musicals – we will find out more details from the library about which movies are available

c.     Begin showing movies on May 30th

d.    Start time 7:00pm. – this may need to be adjusted depending on the brightness of the projector

e.    The City owns the projector – we will need to check equipment to make sure it works

f.      Debra Nicholson will check with the Clinton Daily News to see if they will run an ad for us

g.    Debra will also provide a trailer for concessions

h.    Organizations that could possibly help with volunteers are Junior Service League, Boy Scouts, Kids at the High school needing volunteer hours (maybe check with school counselor?)

i.      Library has the license to show movies

j.      Will businesses stay open in downtown? – This is a question we need to ask of business owners.


The Arts and Cultural Assets Survey has been sent out to the Council and it is also on the Facebook page.  Please share with your friends and complete the survey.

Our new website is also points to the above website.

Annie Park moved and Talitha Adler seconded to change our name to Clinton Arts Council. After discussion, it was approved. We will also check to see if we need to change our name legally.

Moriah Butterfield volunteered to work on a new logo.


We had discussion about the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. We decided that the Board of Directors would be nominated via an email survey where people can submit one or two names. Then, the Executive Committee (officers) will be elected. It was suggested that we add publicity and marketing.

We want to make sure that people are serving in areas in which they have an interest. Even if a person is not on the Board of Directors, they might serve as chairman of an event. Our new Arts Council is a group of people that is creative and we want wonderful ideas and thoughts to come from our conversation. Every person has a part to play and to contribute to Art in Clinton.


Hub City Art Show in September or the Fall

This would be a small art show to present local artists and would be sponsored by the Clinton Arts Council. Joe Hatcher is volunteering to chair this event one time. We would also include a Children’s Workshop with this event. It would be held between 4th and 6th Street downtown. It would be a one day, Saturday show. Local restaurants would be asked to provide food and local towns could bring bands to perform. Ashley Underwood moved and Talitha Adler seconded to have the Hub City Art Show. It was approved. Geoff Park will possibly be the Entertainment Chairperson for this event.


Deborah Avery volunteered to be a communications person.


The next meeting will be Thursday, May 18, 2017, at 5:30pm at Strayhouse.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kristin Blakeburn

Clinton Arts Council