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Art Show Purchase Awards

Art Show Purchase Awards

Why purchasing art is good for the community and fun for you!

The Hub City Arts Festival is offering something exciting for the art show in 2017 and you can be part of it.  While specially selected judges deliberate on best of show and first and second place, you can be a judge yourself by being a Patron of the Arts through the Purchase Awards program.

How does it work?  That’s easy…

Think about your home or your business and how an original painting would look on the wall or a hand-carved sculpture on the desk. Through the Purchase Award program you become judge and jury for the kind of art you’d be proud to display.  If the purchase is for your business, it can be a tax write off.

Beginning at $100 and increasing in $25 increments, you can show pride in your community, this show and your love of art by becoming a Purchase Award sponsor.  You’ll choose the artwork of your desire and then have the pleasure of presenting to the winning artist a certificate noting that you or your company is the award sponsor and a ribbon designating that your selected artist won a Purchase Award.

Artists love knowing that a community and the art show organizers offer Purchase Awards, because to them it goes beyond just the judges’ opinions to a variety of “community judges” who like a wide assortment of choices especially in the arts.

If you’re planning to go to this show anyway, and you know you’ll probably buy something then definitely become a Purchase Award sponsor…it’s a win-win for everybody!


  • For the person or couple who enjoy art and love to buy it
  • For the artist who is honored to receive a Purchase Award…and the dollars that go with it
  • For the business owner making original art a choice for the office and possible business expense

 Fill in the application below and designate the amount you plan to use as the Purchase Award sponsor and return to the Hub City Arts Festival planning committee by September 20, 2017.

Art Show Purchase Awards